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Welcome to a forum dedicated to applied behavior analysis. The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for students, parents and professionals to access information and discuss timely concerns regarding the science of applied behavior analysis in a reader-friendly manner.

I have fallen off the blog recently, mostly due to the completion of my dissertation and spending time with my daughter. As I delve back into the home-based and consultation world, topics to discuss and share with those interested in applied behavior analysis appears endless. I hope to take this blog in a direction of bridging the gap across the various orientations towards working with and teaching children with autism and related disorders...I'm a behavior analyst through and through, but we can do better in various domains that we have been hesitant to discuss in the past. My interests are veering into the realm of self-regulation, problem-solving, relationship development in addition to working with children with substantial interfering behavior. Comments and discussion is both welcome and desired.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Off Topic: My Baby Girl

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in several months, but haven't forgotten the blog. I had a baby girl on April 14th. Her name is Ioanna (joanna but with an "I" instead of a "J") and she was born 5 pounds 15 ounces. She is now almost 12 weeks, smiling, laughing and giggling and is a joy.

I am however amazed at the social skills that she exhibits at this young age. Sustained attention for long periods of time, referencing, babbling, reciprocal babbling, and some precursors to joint attention. At 2.5 months, she is exhibiting these precursors to spoken language and it is amazing to watch.

As a behaviorist, it is also interesting to see how she has shaped my behavior and how my perspectives on some strategies have shifted somewhat. I wonder if as she grows, I would change as an ABA therapist, and if some of the techniques I have employed in the past (waiting out a tantrum, crying, etc.) would be acceptable now. We'll see.

I'll get back to posting soon.



Sami said...

Hi, I've enjoyed reading your blog and wanted to wish you congratulations on the little one!
As a behaviorist and a mom myself I did find that having a child helped my therapy a great deal and I use (along with my husband) some of the techniques at home all the time. Enjoy and thanks for the blog!

Angela Mouzakitis, BCBA said...

Thanks for your wishes. I'm posting up a picture of her today...

Dan Dage said...

Congratulations on the little one!

I just have to say it:
Lots of vowels put together in that first name!

While becoming a parent might not change your techniques, it will definitely test and temper them! Behaviorism is built on some pretty solid principles so you'll feel pretty good until she gets to be a teenager. Then all bets are off, cause she's a cutie!


Angela Mouzakitis, BCBA said...

Dan...she is already resting my limits... I have to keep telling myself tht she is only 3 months and i don't have to worry about reinforcing crying behavior quite yet...